Tuncluer Textile International Industry & Trading Inc.Co.®

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Tuncluer Textile International Industry & Trading Inc.Co.®

Organics Baby Kua® & Nano-Gro®

"Tuncluer Textile Inc.Co." was established in February 2006 with the aim of producing,"Absolute Organics Cotton Fabrics", and serving its textile products which is weaved from these fabrics to its valuable customers.

"Tuncluer Textile Inc.Co.®" is a group companies which founded in 2000 by Dr.Serdar Tuncluer ."Tuncluer Textile Inc.Co.®" which makes innovatory investments in all subjects has entered the medical textile field with T.T.I® Textile. With a past of 12 years and commercial experience of 100 years(Eren Tricot).

"Tuncluer Textile Inc.Co.®" aims at becoming one of the biggest projects & producings on the world which these are,"Absolute Organics Textile" for new born babies and we just invent models to babies of the world ( "Organics Baby Kua is Haute couture & Handmade" ).

* An ambition for the "Baby Haute-Couture" & "Handmade"

* Visualize the tomorrow's models ,

* Don't let model pass by you ,

* Sense the models ,

* Be loved , be baby ,

* We just invent models .