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Description of a project concept is a factor needing particular focus from its entrepreneur. Here, the role of specialized "Brain Staff " created is to present this description up to the point it is well understood.

Dr.Serdar Tuncluer

Unfortunately, not all organic clothing carries a symbol that will assure us of the organic credentials of the garments we buy. Though the "Organics Baby Kua®" have developed new standards for organic clothing. Under the "Tuncluer Textile Inc.Co.®" Association guidelines, clothes that display their symbol will have met a number of rigorous standards, more details of which can be found on our site.

An easy assumption to make is that, in general, 'natural' products are necessarily better than synthetics. The reality is, surprisingly, quite the opposite when it comes to the material used for ½ of the worlds fabric requirements:

Cotton is almost exclusively grown using the most intensive methods and accounts for a staggering one third of world pesticide use. More than this, chemicals have to be used to scour off the fibres waxy outer layer to allow dye retention, raw cotton is bleached white with chemicals like chlorine, and cotton crops can be genetically engineered to resist the bollworm pest. Conventionally produced it's a nasty product!

A small proportion of the world's cotton crop is 'organic', meaning it is free of chemicals and pesticides, or 'green' which generally means that no chemical finishes have been used. Unbleached cotton may have been grown with pesticides so this label means little else.

This high concentration of production in two single projects points to the vulnerability of the supply of organic cotton fibre. The performance of these two projects in terms of quality, price, reliability of supply, control and certification, and transparency, may determine the future of the global organic cotton market in the short and medium term